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Founded in 2010, Coelentera specializes in the delivery of aesthetic services in the areas of Software Product Development, QA / testing and the maintenance. With all skilled professionals we provide services to startups, mid-sized and multi-billion dollar companies.

Coelentera offers its clients a fundamentally unique combination of attributes. These include an exclusive focus on the IT industry, leading innovation capabilities, and a broad set of products, technology and services available via a scalable global delivery model. We believe these are three essential components to fulfill our customers tecnical requirements, and are key reasons why Coelentera has become a strategic supplier to the communications industries and service providers.

Our core strength lies in the ability to build customized teams for our clients and make these teams a seamless support of the client's organizations. Clients have always appreciated the quality of our projects,services,flexibility,timely service and deliverables, and minimization of total cost of outsourcing.

We have built a strong knowledge base foundation to develop the applications in the areas of Internet / mobile / interactive TV applications, enterprise solutions and maintenance of legacy systems. Quality assurance is a vital factor for us to assure best in the services given to our clients.With our domain knowledge and process orientation plan makes an important role in generating efficiencies. We have been rapidly growing right since we evolved, far above industries averages. This growth validates two points; that our customers love our software services plan and the extended teams ,which are inherently capable of handling rapid growth. This growth helps motivate and satisfy our employees and helps us focus on doing the perfect things.

Our growth has been basically powered by our consultative approach, our deep understanding of business and technology, our passion for innovation - and above all, our integrity. Consistent performance has been the distinctive feature of our success. Our emphasis on innovation ensures our quality level and for the industry as a whole. We always like to take customer's feedback in order to provide more and more better services and work with more enhanced utilities as we made value delivered as the benchmark for our achievements.

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